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Andrei Master Tailors invites entrepreneurs in certain communities across Canada to partner and establish local uniform sales and service as well as professional alterations services for the broader community.

We believe that teaming up with local entrepreneurs who are committed to quality service is the best way to serve a community both in terms of uniforms and alterations.

The partnership enables entrepreneurs to become part owner of a succesful business by only providing 45% of the investment required to establish a sales and service centre. Given that Andrei Master Tailors will have a direct financial stake in the sucess of your location, you can be assured of full cooperation and support.


Our Work

Andrei Master Tailors is primarily a uniform tailoring/production and alteration service company. Our production section caters to organizations and individuals that require a source for properly fitted structural and specialty uniforms. These uniforms must be carefully tailored and deliberately shaped to fit each individual properly, a process that requires the skilled attention of Master Tailors. Our clients include primarily the military, law enforcement, marching bands and fire/EMS departments who all need uniforms that reflects tradition, pride and unit cohesion. In servicing these clients, we also tailor accompanying garments that are non-structural such as pants, vests and skirts but with no less attention to proper fit.

The Andrei Master Tailors brand is well known across Canada by military personnel and increasing so in other markets as Canada’s best dress and ceremonial uniform tailor.
At our tailoring/production centre, we are extremely busy servicing current demand for our work nevertheless there still remains considerable untapped opportunities in markets we have barely touched. We continually seek to increase our production capabilities to further cater to that demand.


Established Market

Compared to typical businesses providing general alterations services, the Andrei brand brings in customers from multiple specialty markets. This is a definate advantage in starting a new location and keeping a reliable base of customers regardless of the competition.

Revenue for the sale and service of Andrei Master Tailors uniforms also provides a steady stream of income on top of the alteration part of the business. Services provided to uniform customers include taking measurements, fittings, alterations and uniform modifications such as rank changes.


Low Investment

Whether you choose to become a Partner in a new or existing Andrei Master Tailors location, the cost of entry is extremely low compared to going at it alone.

This is because you only need to invest 45% of the cost of the business. Andrei Master Tailors provides the rest. With this partnership, we propose to share the costs, management, profits and success of the location in your community.


Low Risk

The start-up costs for a quality tailoring sales and service facility is extremely low as compared to going at it alone.
We seek partnerships because we want to work with entrepreneurs who are also committed and personally invested in the success of the location.

With Andrei Master Tailor’s financial stake in your facility, we will draw on our resources and experience of 30 years in the Canadian tailoring business to insure its success.

Andrei Master Tailors provides to its partners all the training needed for the location to be successful and provide high value to customers. We also provide sales support when approaching potential uniform customers.


More Return On Investment

Andrei Master Tailors locations draw revenue from more than the typical tailoring/alteration shop. The sale and service of Andrei Master Tailors uniforms provides an additional revenue stream that no other competitor in your community can draw from. The customers coming to your facility for uniform sales and service usually also become alteration customers.

The Andrei Master Tailors brand has a solid reputation both for uniform tailoring but also for professional alterations. With a team of Master Tailors behind the brand, your location can rise above typical competitors.

Being part of the Andrei Master Tailors network enables partners to have a feature page on our website with all the contact information customers need.


Right Fit

Although it is ideal for partner entrepreneurs to have experience in the tailoring or clothing business, a partner may hire tailors or seamstresses to handle the workload and instead focus his or her business acumen on management, customer service and sales.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a new business in the service sector and want to access all the benefits that partnering with us brings. We want to partner with individuals who are ready to share in both the costs and the benefits of such a business and have a vested interest in its success.

We are also open to converting our existing Andrei Master Tailors locations into partnerships given the right entrepreneur.


What Next

If the prospect of such a partnership interests you and you want to explore it further, please contact us. We will require basic information from you regarding what you propose to bring to the partnership.
If your proposed location/region shows potential we will analyse the market and start conversations with you on requirements. We will also provide you with a Partnership Agreement for you to review with your financial advisor and legal counsel.

Once you have made a decision to go forward, we will work with you on the partnership process, finding the best store location, planning store design and signage and start-up of the new Andrei Master Tailors location.


Contact Us

Do you believe that we can both benefit by providing tailoring services of superior value to your community or region? If so, let’s talk.

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