Police Uniforms

With tailoring facilities and service agents across Canada, Andrei Master Tailors provides custom police uniforms with an unmatched level of fit, quality and service. All Mess Dress, Full Dress, Duty and Band uniforms are hand-made by Master Tailors, one at a time, to meet all specifications and exceed your expectations. We service police forces large and small.

We can also work with you to custom-design your uniforms, pick the right fabric, colours and styles to give your force a unique identity. We will tailor each of your uniforms to professionally fit your members. Nothing conveys pride better than a perfectly fitted uniform.

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Alterations & Accessories

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Professionally Made and Fitted

Police Uniforms Tunic

Police Uniforms – Tunic Detail

Police Uniforms – Mess Kit

Police Uniforms – Peace Officer Tunic

Police Uniforms Duty

Police Uniforms Duty

Police Uniforms – Duty Shoulder

Police Uniforms Duty Shoulder

Uniform – Blue High-Collar Tunic

Police Uniforms – Retired RCMP Blazer

Police Uniforms -High Collar Tunic